DTZ 2015 Romania Regional Cities Retail Market

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Welcome to DTZ Echinox 2 nd edition of ‘Romania Regional Cities Retail Market 2015’.

This guide provides an overview of the retail market outside Bucharest, offering a better understanding of the economic and demographic situation on each region analyzed, having as main focus to reveal information on dominant retail schemes and major retailers present on Romanian market.

In the 2 nd edition of ‘Romania Regional Cities Retail Market 2015’ we have analyzed all 7 administrative regions outside Bucharest. We have used the same information for all regions, in order to facilitate comparison.

This guide is a perfect tool for all market players, allowing them to get a better understanding of the retail market in Romania.

The guide includes, but is not limited to:

  • Statistics for each region analyzed such as population, unemployment rate, income and retail purchasing power;
  • Information such as modern retail stock, major retailers and dominant retail schemes;
  • Information on prime rents.

We hope you find the publication interesting and we encourage you to access the wide variety of DTZ publications.

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November 2015

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