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Agency / Landlord Leasing


Cushman & Wakefield’s Agency/Landlord Leasing platform offers property-specific programs to increase the pace of leasing, improve tenant retention, maximise rental rates, and stabilise operating income. In many cases, our professionals have worked on the owner side of the business.

Agency/Landlord Leasing services comprise property analytics including market, occupancy, and location analysis; leasing strategy and programs; marketing strategy and programs; accounting and financial reporting; and leasing negotiations.

Investors who wish to maximise the financial rewards of leasing as part of a proactive asset strategy can benefit from Agency/Landlord Leasing services, provided with management services or as stand-alone. You may be considering any of the following:

Maximum property value

Attracting higher-end, more credit-worthy tenants and keeping a property fully leased at maximum rental rates are integral to achieving and maintaining the highest possible property value. Our professionals offer extensive market knowledge supported by thorough research, marketing, strategy, and top-tier commitment.

Reduced risk

You may want to gain more control over fluctuation in property value resulting from expirations and tenant issues.

Signature ssset or building positioning

It is important that your building is positioned in its best possible light, ideally as a signature institution that attracts potential tenants with targeted interest. We will ensure the market understands your building’s unique story and offering.

How We Can Help

Tenant targeting

In order to realise more value, you may need to rapidly lease to more diverse, credit-worthy tenants at competitive market rents, through proactive positioning and aggressive canvassing. We will also develop a waiting list while remaining sensitive to the needs and perceptions of existing tenants. In addition, we work with existing tenants to retain those most beneficial to your investment.

Strategic marketing

We develop and implement strategic marketing programs that promote your property’s institutional image and outstanding amenities to potential single- and multi-floor tenants, as well as to the broker community.

Risk management

Risk management is an important contributor to overall asset value. Our approach includes staggering expirations so that not all leases will roll over at same time, as well as rigorous review of tenants’ credit and ability to contribute to asset value.

Serve as a single service provider

C&W provides a consolidated synergy of services facilitating better coordination of tenant procurement and retention and providing a single point of contact for all tenant-related needs.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Comprehensive service

Through our comprehensive suite of leasing services, C&W helps our landlord clients achieve full, long-term occupancy, a creditworthy tenant base, and maximum rental rates. C&W’s transaction professionals average approximately 15 years of experience in the business – a remarkably high tenure in the industry – bringing an unusually advanced degree of business acumen to each assignment. C&W also works with each landlord to create a leasing and marketing plan that attracts credit-worthy, prestigious tenants best suited for the property.

International reach

C&W has 253 offices in 60 countries providing Agency/Landlord Leasing services, all of which are connected through our service platform. We understand that leasing properties in Dubai, Denver, and Dublin require different strategies. Through our market-leading global network, you will have access to proactive leasing professionals who understand local markets throughout the world.

Experience and Resources

C&W has 2,300 brokers globally who leverage our presence, market knowledge, and experience to cultivate new leasing relationships.


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