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Lease Administration


An integrated part of our Corporate Occupier & Investor Services group (CIS), our lease administration team offers technology consulting, implementation, data management, and lease audit services.

By using best practice tools, we drive operational efficiency, reducing costs and cycle-time and resulting in accurate and timely portfolio information. Our programs enable our clients to control leasehold expenditures through aggressive management of critical dates and options; increase efficiency through effective space utilisation; and develop strategic plans that align with the business by providing access to detailed real estate data. We add value by transforming data into meaningful management information to support improved decision-making.

Our clients are tenants with portfolios comprised of leased office, retail, industrial, and manufacturing properties. We work with tenants who want to manage their assets proactively and progressively. These clients may need one of the following services:


Our technology solutions automate accounting, improve accuracy, and simplify invoicing and billing.


We will abstract all pertinent information for your portfolio and populate it into your database so that you will have unfettered and secure access to it.

Cost control

We will assist you in managing your critical dates and options aggressively, while establishing protocols for critical dates so that you have time to assess relevant resolution points and make optimal decisions.

Maintain corporate governance

We will help you comply with regulations and reporting standards by incorporating extensive security levels and processes to ensure GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Time management

We design customised procedures to identify events of default and compliance of lease obligations and update property records to reflect changes and additions to leases so that you have adequate time to manage early renewals, subleases, and terminations.

Global consistency

We assign a Single Point of Contact to your account, responsible for ensuring consistent processes are adopted across all account regions.

How we can help

Consulting services 

Thanks to our expansive network of global resources, we can provide you with an unbiased recommendation on which real estate solution will be the most cost-effective and the most ideally suited to meet your specific business needs.

Implementation services

We help you achieve the highest standards of collection, abstraction, and data entry, which will in turn provide you with visibility to key portfolio data, such as lease expirations, break dates, and benchmark/metric information. Furthermore, our team will ensure that your teams are appropriate trained on technology capabilities.

Ongoing data management services

We ensure critical dates are managed, data within the database is accurate, and tenant and landlord requests are handled expeditiously.

Lease audit services 

We evaluate your portfolio and identify locations that would benefit from a more extensive audit review to drive cost savings.

Adding value – the advantages of our approach 

A la carte service approach 

We offer a comprehensive, ‘A La Carte’ approach to Lease Administration Services providing Consulting, Implementation, Ongoing Data Management and Audit Services tailored to a company’s specific needs.

Technological solutions

We offer advanced technology solutions that provide scalable platforms to meet the needs of both our smallest and largest clients while keeping costs manageable. We leverage our position as an industry leader to ensure our clients receive the best possible pricing and service from the chosen technology provider.

Implementation processes 

Our experience in analysis, setup, and implementing various Lease Administration systems results in mitigation of risk and reduced costs though proactive management during system setup and quicker implementation time.

Lease abstraction process

Our proven quality review program ensures the utmost in data integrity and our process provides considerable cost savings for clients as it eliminates the need to translate entire documents, and minimises delays and costs of adding outside vendors and resources.

Experience and Resources

C&W has been providing lease administration services to global companies since 1994. Our Lease Administration Team is located in markets throughout the world and provides abstractions in 45 languages and abstracts approximately 8,000 leases per year. We are experienced in 16 different technology systems and can, therefore, provide our services on any technology platform currently utilised or chosen by our clients.


Mihaela Petruescu
Head of Property Management
Phone: +40 21 310 3100

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