Cushman & Wakefield’s specialists provide you with a full range of services related to development preparation, including preliminary market research, selection, evaluation and purchase of land properties, obtaining building permits, design consultation and project management.

Commercial concept development:

  • Analysis of existing project concepts
  • Analysis of absorption capacity (with adjacent properties included as an option) on the basis of preliminary concepts prepared by the project architect
  • Preparation of a comprehensive commercial concept of the planned shopping centre on the basis of the land development concept selected
  • Recommendation of functional solutions affecting the shopping centre’s operational efficiency
  • Tenant-mix preparation

 Design consultancy:

  • Advice to designers on how to lay out leased premises, common areas, public space and technical facilities as part of the shopping centre management
  • Advice to designers on how to plan delivery areas, as well as vertical and horizontal transportation
  • Advice to designers on tenant location within the shopping centre

Experience and Resources 

C&W is a transaction leader in major markets worldwide. With 253 offices in 60 countries, C&W provides the broad geographic coverage, resources, and local market knowledge that enable us to respond to our clients’ requirements regardless of location. Additionally, the relationships that C&W’s leasing professionals maintain, including those with C&W colleagues worldwide as well as our roster of corporate clients, grant unparalleled access to both landlords and tenants across the globe.


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