Stradale - CWEchinox

The Challenge
The landlord of the 80,000 sqm mixed use project including both office and residential components was looking for a food operator that could respond to the residents’ needs and also to the office tenants’ requirements. It was challenging for our Retail team to convince the tenant to take a leap of faith and open a food hall location, in a period when the Food & Beverage industry was strongly hit by government restrictions due to the pandemic.

The Solution
We found the right operator to respond to the landlord’s business strategy and to tenants’ needs: Stradale provides a “lifestyle experience”, the concept incorporating five kitchens that offer a wide variety of food options similar to a food court in a shopping center, creating a food hall concept.

The Results
Stradale manages to serve up to 8,000 people per day, their menu including a wide variety of options. They set up a strategic location covering 726 sqm at One Cotroceni Park, in a new area of Bucharest and area of the city for their customers.

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