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CW Corporate Responsibility Report

DTZ ECHINOX CW Corporate Responsibility Report

While each year is an adventure in the unpredictable world of commercial real estate, 2015 was particularly exciting for Cushman & Wakefield. The ongoing economic recovery translated into pre-recession-level client activity, enabling the expansion of our capabilities via organic growth and the strategic acquisition of both professional talent and complementary firms. In September, after months of preparation and hard work, the most industry-shaking of these events came to fruition when DTZ and Cushman & Wakefield, two leading commercial real estate service providers, joined together to form one global powerhouse organization under the iconic Cushman & Wakefield banner.

While the fortification of client relationships and integration of our operations were priorities, so too was the affirmation of our commitment to sustainability as a pillar of our culture. Every day the importance of instituting environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices grows, and I truly believe Cushman & Wakefield’s long-term success will be impacted by the extent to which sustainability factors into our service to our clients, employees, and communities. As a result, 2015 saw the creation of our first Global Corporate Responsibility Governance Committee, incorporating professionals from all legacy firms.

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