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NPL Portfolio for B2 Kapital

The Challenge

B2 Kapital required C&W Echinox Valuation team to estimate the Market value of a 400 properties NPL portfolio for sale located across Romania. The diversity in term of type, use, size and location of these properties combined with the scarcity of the information available challenged our team.

The Solution

C&W Echinox Valuation team, one of the most experienced on the real estate market in Romania, acted on two main directions. Firstly, the gathering of relevant information from various sources that can build up a clear image for each and every analyzed property. Secondly, the team focused on developing a computation model that can fit uniformly and consistently all the types of properties part of the portfolio.

The Results

The conclusions were presented concisely and clearly covering all the requirements and expectations of the client which retained our services for any subsequent NPL portfolio valuation.

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