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Our Research team monitors the evolution of the real estate market, while interpreting the most important events and anticipating the main trends on the market. We provide the best-informed solutions for occupiers, developers, investors and landlords and prepare our clients for what’s next.

. The level of accuracy and depth of a study – the basic market data (rents, yields, stocks or transactional volumes), along with macroeconomic and demographic indicators, are essential aspects which can make a difference in the fundamentals of any real estate investment decision.

The market studies we deliver cover the whole spectrum of the real estate market, while the on-site research and the multi-source documentations represent fundamental aspects of any analysis. We track the market performance, provide forecasts for key indicators and deliver industry-leading insights on future trends and their implications to market players. We provide:


  • Annual reports, Quarterly & Half Year Updates
  • Strategic Forecasts & Analysis
  • Market Reports / Studies
  • Feasibility and Best-Use Studies
  • Full assessment on the impact & risk
  • Demographic & economic data
  • Business intelligence



Vlad Saftoiu

Head of Research Cushman & Wakefield Echinox

+40 (21) 310 3100




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