The future of modern retail will belong to those shopping centers that are close to the community and which reinvent themselves at the same time with the ever-changing demands of their members. In the Republic of Moldova, for example, Romanians use the term “guests” for their clients, a word that defines very well the relationship with those who enter their house. In the case of a shopping center such as Shopping City Suceava, a space that always offers new shopping and recreational experiences, every client is considered a guest.

The opening of Shopping City Suceava took place 10 years ago, enjoying over 35 million visits from the inhabitants of the city and from surrounding areas, thus becoming a destination with various shopping options and recreational activities for the entire family.

Modern retail has evolved considerably in the last decade and the owners, along with shopping center managers, have always been looking for options that fit the buyers’ demands: from brands diversification, to activities that bring guests the joy of returning to the shopping center.

Cushman & Wakefield Echinox Property Management team has been working with Shopping City Suceava for 10 years and has been able to integrate this project into the everyday life of the local community. What does this mean in figures? More than 4.2 million visitors in 2017, at an average traffic of 11,500 people per day – 1 in 10 inhabitants from Suceava visited daily the shopping center. No less than 83% of the guests visit the shopping center at least once a week and 87% spend at least 30 minutes while shopping.

Customers often prefer to buy experiences instead of material things. How do these trends translate into the life of a shopping center? According to the recommendations of Cushman & Wakefield Echinox Property Management team, every shopping center visitor should find exactly what he/she wants, feel part of the community and confidently wish to return.

A plus for the local community and loyal buyers are the carefully organized annual events in Shopping City Suceava. The most recent one, the Bucovina Dog Show 2018, is organized in partnership with Suceava County Quinological Association, and has an important international participation. The event is a very traditional one for the Northern region of the country and a premiere for Suceava, bringing together three quinological exhibitions, in 2 days of competition, with over 900 registered dogs from almost 70 breeds from Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

The education of future generations is also important for Shopping City Suceava, which is involved in actions to support the educational process and combat school dropout through the scholarship project: “Bursa Prieteniei”, that provides financial support for further education and through charitable activities that contribute to the community development. The message of the “Impreuna suntem de 10” anniversary campaign represents a thankful sign of appreciation to all the “guests”, collaborators and partners who have been an integral part of the shopping center activities.

Shopping City Suceava has been part of Suceava’s life for 10 years and would like to thank all of Suceava’s inhabitants for 10 years of family shopping, 10 years of fun, 10 years of smiles, 10 years of special moments!

Mihaela Petruescu joined C&W Echinox in June 2014 and has an extensive experience of over 13 years in real estate, with focused on retail leasing, asset & property management. Since she joined C&W Echinox, Mihaela has been involved both on leasing process of big retail schemes like Mega Mall, Promenada Mall, Shopping City Sibiu, Shopping City Suceava and has managed over 270,000 sq m.


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