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Working Habits and Commuting Patterns 2019

July 2019: The employees working in modern offices in Bucharest spend an average of 46 minutes between home and work, while 52% of them consider the commuting time to be long or too long, according to the first edition of the Working Habits and Commuting Patterns study, realised by the real estate consultancy comapany Cushman & Wakefield Echinox.

The average distance between home and work is 10.7 kilometers, therefore the average commuting speed at peak hours is about 14 kilometers per hour, in this study being included both the employees who use their personal or work car, and the ones who use public transport or alternative means of transport.

More than half (54%) of the employees use the metro, 38% use the car, and a significant number of respondents need more means of transport to get to work.

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