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AFI Europe Office Portfolio

The Challenge
AFI Europe required Cushman & Wakefield Echinox Valuation team to estimate the market value of its four office properties portfolio in Bucharest. The evolution of the office market in the context of the COVID pandemic was the main challenge to our team, given the restrictions imposed by the authorities on the circulation of the people and the “work-from-home” policy adopted by numerous companies, which lead to questions regarding future vacancy rates and transactional yields on the office market.

The Solution
Cushman & Wakefield Echinox Valuation team engaged in a complex analysis of the market and the trends over the past two years, in cooperation with the Office Agency and the Research teams, which allowed the valuers to create a comprehensive image of the supply and demand and the detailed parameters reviewed by market participants – occupiers and owners, developers and investors.

The Results
The conclusions were presented concisely and clearly covering all the requirements and expectations of the client which retained our services for any subsequent portfolio valuations.

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