Prime Kapital Retail Portfolio - CWEchinox

Prime Kapital Retail Portfolio

The Challenge
Prime Kapital instructed Cushman & Wakefield Echinox Valuation team to value 20 properties across Romania for biannually IFRS reporting.
The portfolio included retail properties of various sizes; the magnitude of the project and the methodological consistency across the entire portfolio in the context of COVID pandemic measures and lockdowns and during the post pandemic period focused our main resources.

The Solution
Our team of highly experience valuers smoothly implemented the continuously rehearsed working procedures in order to manage the size of the task.
Using internal developed software and databases our team has been able to control in any moment the consistency of each individual valuation and the uniformity of the approaches up to the highest quality standard.

The Results
The client retained our services for 5 years in which our prompt, consistent and quality deliverables became a standard for the market.

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