Whether you are an investor, developer or tenant looking to develop and implement ESG strategies locally for your properties, future investments and construction projects, we will bring your project to life and create healthy, green work environments.

Leading the way to a more sustainable future!

As the real estate sector is at the center of compliance, climate and reputational risk, sustainability actions are becoming extremely relevant. We are taking action now to positively impact our people, clients, communities and planet.

We do this by mobilizing expert teams across Property Management & Asset Services to help Investors, Developers and Occupiers reach their Sustainability Goals. We identify initiatives and solutions that offer the highest sustainability performance, social impact and financial performance to optimize the commercialization and value of your assets and portfolio. We align our efforts with the corporate sustainability initiatives & ESG actions of each client. As a leading real estate consultancy company, we are qualified to understand the leverages to pull to benefit from the momentum behind Sustainability and ESG.

Depending on your needs, our team is making things happen, now!
We create your sustainability strategy. We help you develop and implement strategies to tackle challenges, meet your stakeholders’ expectations, and fulfill your corporate responsibilities, while delivering positive environmental and social impact.
• We ensure compliance. We help you navigate the increasingly complex compliance minefield from energy auditing to energy performance, climate-related risks and opportunities, to broader ESG reporting mandates.
• We drive operational efficiency. We proactively manage resource consumption across your real estate portfolio. Using robust data management and analytics, we benchmark energy, carbon, water and waste performance across your portfolio, develop and execute a bespoke sustainable operations plan, and monitor and report your sustainability performance.
• We deliver net-zero. Transition to net-zero requires a transformation across the property lifecycle. We can support you to understand your baseline, assess your performance and optimize your path to net zero. We work alongside our peers across our business to put in place the necessary policies and processes that enable action. We then help you achieve net zero.
• We oversee building certifications: LEED, BREEAM, WELL, Fitwell. By helping you achieve green building certifications, we will support the development of a long-term strategy in line with your corporate values and objectives and help your assets become a reference in the market as it relates to sustainability and wellbeing.
• We help you with green leases – We link the sustainability efforts of landlords and tenants via green leases.
• We help you achieve science-based target-setting certifications. These are an excellent tool to structure, define and support a more ambitious sustainability agenda and performance


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